tonight i miss you…

yesterday i was perfect ; this morning i was good then while i lay here in my bed all i can think of is you. The way you hold & caress me while we sleep, you’d check on me throughout the night just to make sure I’m okay. Tonight i miss you but i was […]

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Love in a cold world..’15

how do you love in this cold world? how can you be happy when it’s so cruel? gotta find the right person to keep you from losing “you” how can you find that when you don’t trust a soul? wrong on every corner and a “ain’t shit nigga” in every home how could you not […]

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to be loved…

to be loved.. what does it mean to be loved? how does it feel to have real love? I’ve been in love more then once well i at least thought the first who were true love. the first love was the “test love” it taught me what i didn’t want but i was “in love […]

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Was it me?

are you still in love with me like you once were? do your feelings change when I make you mad? Do I push you away when I’m annoying? can you manage to deal with me til we’re old? Am I satisfying you to the fullest so that you don’t look anywhere else? Have you thought […]

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Glass Mirror (part 2)

You make better days flourish under the sunlight cause with you my heart smiles Your something that their chasing, it’s like a one legged race and we don’t know to pace it pace it like we chasing after the bus while we’re running late for our work shift upset cause one more late day and […]

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