glass mirror.

this poem is titled Glass Mirror so you can feel and take from it what you please. To me this poem has one meaning to you it may be something else. About a person, a thing or a feeling you crave yet don’t feel. Take with you as you may. Thank you for reading.

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Two Years Ago Today..

(Going thru my timehop i tweeted on 1/22/16 that i wrote a dope poem. Went thru my notes and there is was ; thought I’d share.) Late Night Feelings where do I belong? my hearts beating fast and the thoughts in my mind ain’t leave me alone where can I start? to think of a […]

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Same Me But Better ✨

“You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people.” -Author Unknown So many times we put other people’s lives in front of our own that we forget about what’s important ; YOU. As we enter a new 365 Days let’s focus more on us. Stop being the person that everyone depends on […]

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