Unexpected Love..

What's going on here? I was fine off in the corner on my own then you came along and decided to change that. Decided to make me smile and change my mind on what other guys have set in my head. I didn't wanna be bothered but you squirmed your way in, you made me […]

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Communication is a strong key in a relationship, without good communication skills the entire relationship can fail. I have had my share of times when I would not speak my mind on a situation or bottle up my feelings and just let things flow. I had to learn that it wasn’t healthy to bottle in […]

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There is only one YOU.

There is only one you in this whole world, yeah it may be people who act like you, dress like you, or even try to be you but that’s nothing that they can ever achieve. When you think about it even a twin has there own identity in some way. Use that to your advantage […]

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