About Me..

My name is Jazmin Gatlin and I’m 23 years old. Since I was little I’ve love to write, from short stories to poems. Writing is the best way to express your feelings and show who you are in your own words. My mind is full of thoughts that I feel need to be shared and that’s where the idea of this blog came from to express myself. I want you to come to y blog with an open, on judgmental mind, these are my thoughts and we don’t all agree on the same thing but one persons wisdom can help others even when you think it cant help you. In my 23 years of living I’ve seen a lot, been through a lot and help give advice to those in need and that’s why I thin this blog is needed. My writing is to help others who are stuck somewhere or who feel as though no one else understands. I’ll also write about current events, celebrity news and my anything else that comes to mind that I feel needs to be expressed. Sit back and enjoy :).