Can We Kiss & Make Up? A poem by Jazmin Gatlin

What were we arguing for again?
Why was I mad? Why were you yelling?
It's been days since we had a real conversation ; walking past each other like we're strangers on the street
Talk to me, hold me, kiss me tell me you forgive me
We're too stubborn to say "im sorry" neither one of us want our pride to be hurt
"I ain't apologizing for shit"
"fuck it I ain't either" those the words we say out loud but in our minds it's
"baby I'm sorry" "baby I love you"
Too old to play the blame game this ain't a Kanye jam I know we thinking the same thing
Come over and tell me "screw the bullshit I'm here for you"
Something big happened today and I couldn't run to you cause we both got a grudge and we stuck on our attitudes
What's up with you?
Ain't heard your voice in a few days this uncomfortable
I'm done arguing baby, I want you
let's both lose the fight that we're fighting cause we're better then this
Never had communication issues, what is this?
"Fuck it I'm sorry" if that's what you wanna hear
"Nah baby it was my fault I shouldn't have took it there"
Back & forth until we're right again and in the end we both win as we
kissed and made up.


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