Unexpected Love..

What's going on here? I was fine off in the corner on my own then you came along and decided to change that. Decided to make me smile and change my mind on what other guys have set in my head. I didn't wanna be bothered but you squirmed your way in, you made me smile and made me feel special again. I didn't ask for you to be here but Im glad that you are, glad that you came along when I needed it the most. Not sure why God sent you and if your leaving anytime soon my unexpected love but I'll enjoy you while your here. Late nights on the phone or scrolling around Chicago together without a care in the world, I prefer to keep you a secret don't want a good thing to get away, don't want to hear what the naysayers have to say. They don't want to see you happy they don't want to see you smile cause once you address that joy in your life they want to see you down. I try to find flaws in you so I can't fall for you but it's like all of you is what makes me fall for you. The way you hold me and tell me I'm beautiful or you tell me to lose my attitude, the way you don't judge what I do and support my every move. You've been in my life all this time and I never wanted much from you and now I can't see life without you, it was unexpected how we met and unexpected how we became friends, unexpected first date and the unexpected first kiss, I don't want this unexpected to end, promise to stay my friend, promise to continue to be you so we will never have to end. I promise to stand by you and keep you my secret cause I can't deal with the outside world trying to delete you, trying to take you out my life because I need you, not sure why God sent you but I'll love to keep you.


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