Temporary: A Poem by Jazmin Gatlin


Breath, relax, it's not worth the stress.
Calm down, see, that it wasn't meant to be
This was something temporary that I thought was forever.
This is something I wanted to grow.
You and me intertwined in the future , you grinding how you grind and me doing me but then something blocked us,
I look at you and you look at me in realization that this will soon no longer be a thing,
soon we will no longer be an item,
soon to be memory cause in this scenario a season two ain't meant to be.
Your like the leaves falling on a autumn day after a beautiful summer,
it's over, it was fun, we did things I can't think of doing with anyone else but then it came,
the sign on a train written in graffiti, temporary,
that's where we are now,
that's where we will be,
that's where the memories will stay before the memories fade ,
I'll never forget this moment I'll never forget your face
but temporary is knocking and she's here to stay,
can't change what's in the plans for us cause for a reason we felt it coming,
we knew this couldn't last longer then what was intended,
like we tried to reinvent it and our end became our beginning.


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