Love in a Cold World : a poem by Jazmin Gatlin

how do you love in this cold world?
how can you be happy when it's so cruel?
gotta find the right person to keep you from losing "you"
how can you find that when you don't trust a soul?
wrong on every corner and a "ain't shit nigga" in every home
how could you not give up on love when you don't know how safe it will keep you
I need you love, your what keeps me going
I need that love it's what's making the world warm
the touch of your skin, your smile when I'm down
In this cold world you need that love, you need that someone
Someone to make things better, to make things worth fighting for
For when your done fighting you know you'll always have that to go home to
I want you, to be my shield on the war zone and the protection against all the wrong
fighting for me as I fight against this world.


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