My Brother I Love You : a poem by Jazmin Gatlin

This poem was written 7/7/16 and never published.

My brother I love you
My father I adore you
My husband I need you
My uncle I stand by you
All strong black men with so much in life to live for
But yet live in fear of a man taking your life
I want you to know I need you, love and adore you
Don't let them take your dignity, your pride and your strength
You matter to me, I stand by your side
As a strong black women I stand by your side
In a world where you were destined to protect us I stand here protecting you
I won't let them take you from me I'll hold on
They don't hear our cries the babies wanting their fathers, the wives having to run a household on their own
They don't want to see you successful they don't want to see you be great
They stand in front of us and shoot us so we can't speak
So our voices never matter and we won't become the next Martin or Malcolm X
I stand by you and all that you do from the struggles you endure to the fights you overcome
You are as great as the man that's fighting against you if not better then who they are
Never give up on yourself cause someone else looks down on what you do
We stand by you, your the head of our household my strong black man
Kids look up to you, sons what to be you and daughters want to marry a man like you
We won't give up on you, we won't let go of you
We are one, we fight against the gun, the knifes the fight that they don't want us to fight
You are the pillars of our community and they don't want you to be so they put guns to you and take you away from me
From the community, from the mothers, from the children, from everyone that need you
My beautiful black brother we love you.


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