Communication is a strong key in a relationship, without good communication skills the entire relationship can fail. I have had my share of times when I would not speak my mind on a situation or bottle up my feelings and just let things flow. I had to learn that it wasn’t healthy to bottle in my feelings and needed to express how I felt. Now all communication isn’t the best or the heathiest, arguing is a form of communication that sadly is the only thing used sometimes. You can get into a screaming match or argue how more right you are about a situation then your significant other but how far will that get you? Arguing only gets you so far before your both off in the corner upset over something that never even mattered. Real communication is key, expressing your true feelings and actually listening to what the other person has to say without judgement. Never go to bed mad at the person you love no matter how upset you are cause no argument is truly worth your happiness. Work on your communication skills not only in your relationship but in your friendships, family, and even in your work field. Speak your mind truthfully and never hide what you really feel inside ; you never know that one time you speak up can change that relationship for the best. People will never know how you feel if you never tell them.


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